Conferences & Workshops

IRE Workshops

IRE Workshops
  • Touch base with industry gamechangers from across the world.
  • Tune-in to the emerging trends of the rubber industry and be future ready.
  • Strengthen your business roots with knowledge sessions from industry thought leaders.
  • Be a pro in rubber manufacturing processes with inputs from industry experts.
  • Explore opportunities in Rubber Exports and Trade.
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Meet the minds who will make a big difference

  • Dr. K. Rajkumar
    Dr. K. Rajkumar


    IRMRA (Thane).

  • MS. Suchismita Sahoo
    MS. Suchismita Sahoo

    Asst. Director, Customer Service Cell,

    Marketing and Business Development - IRMRA (Thane).

  • Mr. Niteesh K. Shukla
    Mr. Niteesh K. Shukla

    Asst. Director and Centre Head,

    IRMRA (Sri City).

  • Mr. Setu Madhavan
    Mr. Setu Madhavan

    Assistant Director,

    Third Party Inspection Services IRMRA (Thane).

  • Dr. Rupesh Rohan
    Dr. Rupesh Rohan

    Assistant Director & Training Head,

    IRMRA (Thane).

  • Dr. Debdipta Basu
    Dr. Debdipta Basu

    Assistant Director and Centre Head,

    IRMRA (Sarpol).

  • Mr. Manohar Nawale
    Mr. Manohar Nawale

    Chemical and Physical Testing Head,

    IRMRA (Thane).

  • Dr. Bhagat Kapgate
    Dr. Bhagat Kapgate

    Senior Scientific Officer,

    IRMRA (Thane).

  • Mr. Santosh Jagdale
    Mr. Santosh Jagdale

    Scientific Officer,

    IRMRA (Thane).

  • Mr.Shantanu Chattopadhyay
    Mr. Shantanu Chattopadhyay

    Professor at RTC, IIT, Kharghar,

    IIT Kharagpur.

  • Mr. Bireswar Banerjee
    Mr. Bireswar Banerjee

    Senior Trainer,


  • Dr. Samir Majumdar
    Dr. Samir Majumdar

    Technical Consultant

  • Mr. Soumitra Chatterjee
    Mr. Soumitra Chatterjee

    Sr. General Manager - Technical Services,

    Reliance Industries Ltd.

  • Mr. Ramchandra Ghosh
    Mr. Ramchandra Ghosh

    General Manager - Technical Services - SBR,

    Reliance Industries Ltd.

  • Mr. Gajendra Inani
    Mr. Gajendra Inani

    General Manager - Butyl Rubber Technical Services,

    Reliance Industries Ltd.

  • Rtn. Purushottam Shankar Agwan
    Rtn. Purushottam Shankar Agwan

    Managing Partner - R. K. Dutt Concerns,

    Vice President - COSIA.

  • Mr. Rohit Millns
    Mr. Rohit Millns

    Director - Triveni Rubber,

    Managing Editor of TISA.

  • Mr. Prasad Pendse
    Mr. Prasad Pendse

    General Manager,

    Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.

Group A

Testing and Quality Assurance of Rubber and Rubber Products

  • A1. Raw Material Testing for Rubber Industry
  • A2. Dynamic Testing of Rubber Products
  • A3. Physical Testing of Rubber Products
  • A4. Chemical and Analytical Testing of Rubber Products
  • A5. Importance of Standardisation (ISO / BIS) in Export Business
  • A6. Green Manufacturing Practices
  • A7. How to set-up a Q C / R&D lab for MSME based rubber industry

Group B

Rubber Products Manufacturing and Improvements

  • B1. Problems & Prospects in MSME Sectors
  • B2. Metal to Rubber Bonded Products
  • B3. Cost Reduction of Rubber Compounding
  • B4. Energy Saving in Rubber Industry
  • B5. Trouble Shooting for Rubber Industry
  • B6. How to set up a Small Rubber Industry
  • B7. Rubber Coated Fabrics

Group C

Emerging Materials and Product Improvement

  • C1. General Purpose Synthetic Rubbers and Special Applications in Non-tires
  • C2. Reverse Engineering / Bench marking of Rubber Products
  • C3. Polymer Nanocomposites – New Materials of the future
  • C4. Mixing Technology - The core of Rubber Compounding
  • C5. Recent Trend on Re-treading of Tyres
  • C6. Speciality Elastomers
  • C7. Fire & Safety measures in the Rubber Industry
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Timings Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 1 Class 2 Class 3
9.30am - 12.00 noon Inauguration WS7 / A3 WS8 / B3 WS9 / C3 WS16 / A6 WS17 / B6 WS18 / C6
*12.00 noon - 3.30 pm WS1 / A1 WS2 / B1 WS3 / C1 WS10 / A4 WS11 / B4 WS12 / C4 WS19 / A7 WS20 / B7 WS21 / C7
#3.30 pm - 5.30 pm WS4 / A2 WS5 / B2 WS6 / C2 WS13 / A5 WS14 / B5 WS15 / C5 Closing Ceremony
  • * It includes 1 hour lunch break
  • # It includes 15 minutes tea break