All India Rubber Industries Association
All India Rubber Industries Association

Established in 1945, All India Rubber Industries Association (AIRIA), is the largest not-for-profit non-government body serving the rubber industry and trade. The Association has the objectives of safeguarding and promoting the interests of the Indian rubber industry with over 1200 country-wide members.

The Association has its Head Office at Mumbai with four regional offices at New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai and a Chapter Office at Pune. It works closely with the government on policy issues, enhancing efficiency, competitiveness, and expanding business opportunities for the industry.

AIRIA provides a platform for interaction between Indian entrepreneurs within India and rest of the world and receives and sends delegations all over the globe.

What’s more, AIRIA recognizes its members’ contributions to the exports of Rubber Products, Rubber Machinery and Raw Materials by giving "AIRIA Export Awards" every year. Also, the K. M. Philip Award is biennially presented under the aegis of AIRIA for outstanding contributions to the India Rubber Industry by an individual.

  • Make the India Rubber Industry most competent globally by ensuring synergy amongst the entire value chain.
  • Make India one of the largest consumers and producers of raw materials and finished rubber products for domestic use as well as for exports.
  • Create Brand India - synonymous with Rubber and Rubber Products transforming the Rubber Industry into a global hub for sourcing, similar to the Indian IT Industry.
  • To create an indigenous eco-system for the rubber sector in India to foster rubber and related products trade to tap the enormous potential that the sector offers.
  • To help build state-of-the-art production capacities in upstream and downstream segments of the rubber sector.
  • To further develop the rubber and rubber product sectors in India for sustainable economic development and growth.
  • To promote R&D in cutting-edge technologies for the entire value chain.
  • To create an atmosphere conducive to exports of rubber products and Raw Materials and continue the double digit growth for the next decade.
  • To attract investments in rubber product and RM manufacturing and promote the creation of jobs through all of the above.
  • To increase per capita consumption of rubbers to match that of globally developed nations.
  • To make the rubber industry technologically most advanced amongst the rubber consuming and rubber producing nations.
  • To take a note of challenges and opportunities presented by the changing global environment particularly for NR production and sustenance.
  • To liberalize controls and restrictions so that different segments of the rubber industry are enabled to perform in a greater globally-competitive environment.
  • Consider phasing out of quantitative restrictions and lowering tariff levels for an integration of the entire rubber sector, identify, and have a focused approach to maximizing opportunities in new products and materials.
  • Enable the industry to build world-class, state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities in conformity with global environmental standards.
  • Sustain and strengthen knowledge, skills and capabilities of rubber technologists, planters, workers, supervisors and enrich human resource skills and for this purpose, revitalize the institutional structure.
  • Make IT an integral part of the entire value chain thereby facilitating the industry to achieve international standards in terms of quality, design and productivity.